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Allergies and How to Handle it

Allergy or Type I hypersensitivity is immune failure in which a person's body becomes hypersensitive in the immunological reaction to substances that are generally immunogenic (antigenic) or the person in question is said to be atopic. In other words, the human body to the environment or excessive berkasi materials by the body are considered foreign and dangerous, but it was not for people who are not atopic. The materials are called allergens causing hypersensitivity. Allergies are caused by IgE antibody production manifold.
Allergies occur when there is contact of certain substances that are usually, in a normal person does not cause a reaction. Allergy causing substances are called allergens. Allergen can be derived from various types and enter the body in various ways. It could be through the respiratory tract, derived from food, by injection or it can also arise due to contact with skin such as cosmetics, metal jewelry or watches, etc.. Substances that most commonly cause allergies: Powder plant; certain grass species, smooth-skinned species of trees and thin; pollen spores; penicillin, seafood, eggs, beans, peanuts, soybeans and other beans, milk, corn and flour corn; insect stings; fur; cockroaches; dust and fleas. What is also not less often are food additives, flavoring, coloring and preservatives.

Determining the cause of allergies can be done in the following way:

* Avoiding substances suspected allergen, and then after the symptoms disappear try again substance. For example, if the suspected allergen is the food, then you should stop eating those foods. After symptoms disappear, try again to eat and see if the same reaction.

* Perform an allergy test and see family history and the history of the frequency of the attacks occurred. If one parent suffers from allergies, then the likelihood of disease risk in children and reduced to about 25% *- 30%. In the meantime, if both parents are patient, the risk increases to 60% *- 70%. Besides needing a physical examination and investigation including skin allergy tests, x-rays, laboratory tests, and further tests if necessary. Tests on the skin is a very simple examination to diagnose allergies. By giving certain substances on the skin of a person, it is known substances that are allergens in person. Injected substances in small quantities. If swelling at the injection given, then the substance is an allergen.

Overcoming Allergies

Some things you can do to prevent allergies:
* Keep indoor humidity by adjusting the wind and air circulation.* Maintain cleanliness of clothes and bed linen changed at least once a week.* Mebersihkan yard and make sure there are no piles of garbage and stagnant water which will be the emergence of the fungus.* Consult with your doctor and do an allergy test to determine which allergens should be avoided. Symptoms that may occur due to allergies include: intense itching in the throat, itchy mouth, itchy eyes, itchy skin or other body parts; headache, nasal congestion or a runny nose, shortness of breath, wheezing, difficulty swallowing, sudden runny nose and sneezing -sneezing, etc.. Treatment depends on the type of allergy and severe symptoms. The aim of treatment is not a cure but to reduce symptoms and avoid attacks more severe in the future. Mild symptoms usually do not require special treatment. The symptoms will disappear after a while.
Giving Antihistamines can help relieve various symptoms. High Desert Aller-Bee-Gone is most appropriate allergy treatment is not with drugs but by avoiding the allergen. Theoretically, the allergy can not be eliminated, but can be reduced and the frequency of severe attacks. But very often in everyday life, difficult to avoid allergens. For that, it takes the immune system to prevent allergies.


Some things you can do to prevent allergies:
* Maintain cleanliness of the environment, both inside and outside the home. This includes not accumulate a lot of stuff in the home or bedroom can become a den of dust accumulation as a stimulus alergi.Usahakan reactions do not keep animals in the house or put a pet cage around your home.

* Hygiene must also be considered, to avoid climbing tertumpuknya which can also be a source of stimulation alergi.Untuk reaction bath, it should use warm water for life, and try to shower the evening before PK.17.00 '. Soap and shampoo are used should be that soap and shampoo to bayi.Dilarang using hair dye.

* Do not use air freshener or perfume, anti-mosquito drugs. If in your house there are lots of mosquitoes, use anti-mosquito racket.

* Use a mattress or cushion of foam material, not cotton.

* Use cotton bed sheets and wash them at least once a week with warm water will be effective.

* Avoid using the clothes made from wool, use cotton clothing.

* Air conditioner (AC) can be used, but should not be too cold and should not be more than PK.24.00 '

* Keep an eye on any food or beverages or drugs that cause allergic reactions. Avoid manakan materials, beverages, and medicines. You must comply with the rules of your allergy diet.

* Meet the experts. Consult a specialist. Allergies that arise require different treatments to each patient allergies. Ask your doctor to perform immunotherapy to reduce your sensitivity to substances trigger allergic reactions, for example: by using the extract of house dust injection or by performing immunization Guirine Baccillus Calmette (BCG) at least 3 times (1 time a month) in succession, and repeated every 6 months.


Allergy treatment by pharmacotherapy that takes into account safety, effectiveness and ease of administration; immunotherapy and patient education. One of the recommended pharmacotherapy in the treatment of allergies is with medication from the latest generation anti-histamine like cetirizin.
Unlike the classical antihistamines / first generation (eg chlorpheniramine, cyproheptadine, dexclorpheniramine, etc.), the second-generation antihistamine / Latest generally have a low sedative effects (drowsiness effects of low), effective and some are anti - inflammatory mild. Currently one of the anti-histamine drug, namely cetirizin been entered into the category of mandatory drug pharmacy of POM that can be purchased at a pharmacy in a certain amount through a doctor's prescription.


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